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The Blair-Rockefeller Legacy Series

The Blair-Rockefeller Legacy Series invites senior scholars to assess the regional, national, and international impact of southern politicians, intellectuals, and social leaders. At the inaugural conference, experts considered the legacy of President William Jefferson Clinton. Their findings were compiled in The Clinton Riddle: Perspectives on the Forty-Second President, edited by Todd G. Shields, the Director of the Blair Center, Jeannie M. Whayne, and Donald Kelly, published by the University of Arkansas Press. Conference participants and contributors included: Betty Glad, Ken Bode, David Brady, D. Sunshine Hillygus, Darlene Clark Hine, Randall B. Woods, Dan Carter, Dorothy McBride Stetson, June Teufel Dreyer, Robert Levgold, Randy Roberts, and Barry Hannah. U. S. Senator David Pryor provided a foreword to the book. The Blair Legacy Series focused its 2009 conference on political scientist, V. O. Key, Jr., author of the landmark 1949 Southern Politics in State and Nation. The 2010 conference will debate the legacy of Arkansas-native and respected southern historian, C. Vann Woodward. The conference commemorated 50-year anniversary of the publication of his seminal work, The Burden of Southern History.

2nd Blair-Rockefeller Legacy Series Conference: "Unlocking V.O. Key, Jr."

3rd Blair-Rockefeller Legacy Series Conference: "C. Vann Woodward for a New Century: Politics and Identity in the Modern South"

Blair Legacy Conference: "J. William Fulbright in International Perspective: Liberal Internationalism and U.S. Global Influence"

"18 million cracks”: The Legacy of 2nd Wave Feminism in American Politics

Prominent Experts to Examine Bush Presidency C-SPAN to record two-day conference and public discussion

Clinton School of Public Service

Clinton School students come from many different backgrounds, with public service experiences ranging from Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach for America and military service to medical, business and non-profit professionals. Whether your passion is education policy, health care, legal issues, corporate responsibility, the environment or the fight against poverty and hunger, the Clinton School can give you the skills and experiences necessary to make a difference.

The Arkansas Poll

The mission of the Arkansas Poll is to supply timely, accurate, and impartial public opinion information on matters of policy and politics to public officials, researchers, students, and the public. While scientific polls present only one measurement of the public’s preferences and the public’s preferences present only one factor in making sound policy choices, public opinion research advances the public’s voice in policy formation and enables citizens to evaluate government performance more frequently than periodic elections. In these ways, the Arkansas Poll serves the legacy of Professor Diane D. Blair, in whose honor it is endowed through the Blair Center of Southern Politics and Society in the UA Department of Political Science. Professor Blair dedicated her life to improving the conversation between the governed and the governing. The Arkansas Poll facilitates this essential connection.

Arkansas Women Legislators

A project funded by the Women's Giving Circle and the Diane D. Blair Center of Southern Politics and Society, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.