2016 Blair Center Poll

2016 Blair Center Poll (BCP) Findings

Building from the successes of the 2010 and 2012 Blair Center Polls, the 2016 Blair Center Poll, conducted in the days following the 2016 general election, asked a series policy- and identity-related questions of a national sample of 3,668 respondents. Of the sample, 1,021 respondents were Latina/o, 915 were African American, and 1,732 were non-Hispanic white. The sample also included 1,828 participants living in the geographic south, defined here as the 11 states that formed the Confederate States of America.

2016 BCP Reports

The Impact of “Modern Sexism” on the 2016 Presidential Election

A report from the 2016 Blair Center Poll, prepared by Angie Maxwell, Ph.D. and Todd Shields, Ph.D.

The latest analysis of data from 2016 Blair Center Poll explores how American attitudes about working women and feminism influenced the presidential race along racial, gender, regional and partisan lines.

Intersections of Region and Race:
Divided Opinions on ‘Building a Wall,’ Immigration Politics and Policy in the South

A report from the 2016 Blair Center Poll, prepared by Xavier Medina Vidal, Ph.D.

In this report, we examine the views of white, African American and Latina/o Americans toward the immigration politics and policy issues that became central to the 2016 general election.